Clear your browser cache

What is browser cache?

A cache is a storage place in which data is stored temporarily to allow faster access to this data. Also essential of a cache is that it is transparent in the sense that when data is retrieved it is not visible whether it is retrieved from the original source or retrieved from the cache, apart from the short access time.

Storing data on a faster medium to have faster access to this data is called caching. The term cache is usually used for both the data that is cached and the storage location where this data is cached.

An example of this is the so-called browser cache. When a user requests a page in a web browser, a copy of this page is also stored on the hard drive. The same goes for images, sound clips and other files that come from the Internet. When the user requests the same page again, it is generally not retrieved from the internet, but from the hard disk.

Since data retrieval from a local disk is a lot faster than retrieving it from the Internet, this can result in a gain in speed (especially on frequently visited pages).

My website is showing old (cached) content

This could be because it is showing the content from its cache.

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